'A book of essays is like a series of
conversations in your own room.'


Imagined Spaces

Beautifully designed and produced, the anthology is “like a conversation in your own room” - the perfect accompanying read, then, to the quiet in these socially isolated times. The book sets out to ask the ways in which our experiences can be really thought about, felt and/or reflected upon in words and images, exploring thus "imagined spaces"—between the known and the unknown, between fact and the imagination, between the external and the internal. Imagined Spaces explores our environment and culture, reflects on literary and artistic creation, on reading, education, mortality, mental wellness, home and belonging, employing the essay as dynamic activity—essaying—returning the essay thus to its original activity of having a go, trying and weighing something out, taking a risk. The collection takes issue with writing as simply the transparent rendering of ideas. Instead it asks, how and what does art and writing in their material forms, and writing as dialogic activity—as conversations—impact on our explorations of a host of subjects. Is there a
place of the subjective, emotion and affect in such presentations? 

You can purchase a copy of the book here and find out more about it and our writing and creative education programme by writing to Imagined Spaces editors Gail Low and Kirsty Gunn. You can also hear from them and get a feel for the book by watching this short
film, created by artist Graham Johnston.

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Imagined Spaces gratefully acknowledges the support of The Northwood Charitable Trust and the Royal Society of Edinburgh