To be challenged, to follow a line of enquiry to wherever it leads

Imagined Spaces began life with as a way of writing as making, writing as thinking, and thinking as a form of making and writing. We initiated conversations between artists and writers and scientists and architects and more, to explore what it means to be less risk-adverse in our creative undertakings, to reflect and to critique ourselves. This is what we call essaying— to grow by being open to questioning and uncertainty, to trust instinct and imagination.  To be challenged, to follow a line of enquiry to wherever it leads. 

Imagined Spaces as a project was supplemented by the work of The Voyage Out Press, which has brought out four successful titles: The Voyage Out: An International anthology of Writing Art and Science, The Four Marys (a play), THIS (a poetry collection) and To Bodies Gone(a history of anatomy at the University of Dundee).  

Between 2019-20, we hosted workshops (sponsored by the Royal Society of Edinburgh), seminars, publishing initiatives all dedicated to the flexibility and capaciousness of the essay form, resulting in the anthology of the same name, Imagined Spaces

Imagined Spaces is our way of learning, critiquing society and culture, and continues to inspire our publishing ventures, seminars, teaching and a whole host of creative projects.

Imagined Spaces - a place for thinking about thinking. 

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Imagined Spaces gratefully acknowledges the support of The Northwood Charitable Trust and the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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